CA-SIG History

Posted by admin at 2:47 PM on Nov 10, 2017


In May of 2005, California Self-Insured Groups and Affiliates were invited to participate in the formation of CA-SIG, California Alliance of Self-Insured Groups.

CA-SIG was created to provide a unified voice for self-insured groups (“SIGs”) in the State of California, by providing SIGS with greater access to both the legislature and with the Department of Industrial Relations - OSIP, as an industry entity, not just as individual SIGS, administrators or affiliates.

CA-SIG also was formed to provide a resource that would allow SIGS and their affiliates, including Group Administrators, Third Party Administrators and Brokers, an opportunity to work together toward common industry goals to better allow the industry to develop and grow in California.

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were created as CA-SIG was launched. In 2010, CA-SIG developed a structure for dues and association management staff to be able to move forward with the goals for this organization.

These goals include SIG accreditation standards, developing opportunities for the education of our members, submitting written suggestions to regulatory changes, and creating opportunities to network as self-insured groups grow in California.